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red lobster EP
FIC-007 c'est dommage - "Red Lobster, Modesto, California"
A homage to California's Central Valley and one of its sons, these two songs are a beautiful glimpse into what c'est dommage has become as a band. Their first recorded material in three years features a new, more dynamic line-up. While still taking ques from indie stars of the '90s (Archers of Loaf, Pavement, The Van Pelt), these songs have more heft than their previous output and almost enough bulk to veil the fragility of four humans attempting to maintain a balance despite serious drinking problems. If you cried while listening to this record, they would understand.

Track Listing
Side A: Red Lobster, Modesto, California
Side B: The C'mel

cost: $6 ppd in the US

FIC-006 END TIME - "End Time"
Two years in the making, this 12" EP represents some prime lazy-ass apathy coupled with the kind of wry, bitter nihilism that could be only be fueled by the landmines of fuckery that is the current Bay Area. The band would have you believe they are pulling influences from such sources as NZ greats The Gordons, Australia's The Moles, and Boston's Mission of Burma, but probably, through their own inability, more likely sound like none of the above, pleasing only themselves in the process. But solipsism goes great with the current political climate, at least according to post-punk's yelp page, so maybe these are tomorrow's stars, after all.

Track Listing
Side A: Empty Spaces, Through the Wasteland, The Right Incision
Side B: Upon Sight, Internal Émigrés, 100 Years

cost: $15 ppd in the US

End Time 12"
FIC-005 c'est dommage - "Routine Pleasures"
You could call this '90s indie revival but the folks in c'est dommage never stopped loving and playing the stuff that they were into 20 years ago. Comparisons to the likes of PAVEMENT, SUPERCHUNK, FUGAZI and RITES OF SPRING aren't much of a surprise. Ten songs recorded with Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in the Spring of 2013. Cover art by illustrator Shannon May. Includes digital download.

Track Listing
Side A: Wood Pigeons, The Transitory Nature of Modern Employment, From Timid to Timbuktu, This is a Transfer Point, Shallow Seas
Side B: Oh Shit Man I'm Totally Fucking Sorry, The Failing Pedestrian Bridge, The Long Change, Routine Pleasures, Slanted Doors

cost: $13 ppd in the US

FIC-004 DAIKON - "Complaining Songs" LP
The band's second full length but first to see a proper vinyl release. Eight pop gems in 25 minutes from three folks who obviously came of age in the '90s. Stream or purchase in digital form the whole record here. Digital download included.

Track Listing
Side A: Oscar, Time to go and Slay, Candy Wrapper Silver, Glass
Side B: Muzzle Loader, Los Gatos, Going to Bed Angry, Slow Clap

cost: $12 ppd in the US

Apogee Sound Club "Belligerent" EP
FIC-003 APOGEE SOUND CLUB - "Belligerent" 7" EP
Four blasts of Underground Sonic Energy featuring members of THE REACTION, 50 MILLION, THE KIRBY GRIPS, THE HICKOIDS and many more
. The record comes with an amazing comic book/lyric sheet put together by the folks at Mission Mini Comix.

From KFJC - "Angry, disjointed scrap rock with a strong political focus from this SF trio. While this has a distinct punk sound, they reject this term, opting for a more open ended, anti-authoritarian ideology of underground sonic energy."

Track listing
Side A: Out of Joint, You Fill Me With Inertia
Side B: From End to Beginning, The Pig Song

cost: $6 ppd in the US


rad cloud the tricky jerk
FIC-001 RAD CLOUD - "The Tricky Jerk" 7" EP
Part Chubby Checker style dance single, part surf music, the A side (or Face A in this case) is a fun toe tapper. The B side features a loose interpretation of Mal Waldron's "Warm Canto". If it has a garage sound that's most likely because it was recorded in a garage. Awesome stuff.

Track listing:
Face A: The Tricky Jerk
Face B: Warm Canto (Mal Waldron)

cost: $6 ppd in the US


True Mutants / Frizz split 7"
Two songs from each band. TRUE MUTANTS have been compared to Sonic Youth, Unwound, Gorilla Angreb and other noisy punk bands but as a whole don't really sound like any of them. FRIZZ also play noisy stuff but in a more indie influenced way that's not too far off from Nirvana.

Track listing:
True Mutants: Same Way, Simulacrum
Frizz: Concrete Leisure, Undercover Cop

cost: $6 ppd in the US

cassette tapes
By Any Means
FIC-0.007 Various - "By Any Means" cassette
21 current Bay Area bands. A split release with Stay Punk Tapes and Thrillhouse Records.

Track listing
Side A: Neon Piss - Burn, Sourpatch - Say That I'm Not Over, Synthetic ID - Rewiring, Street Eaters - Dead Parts, Comadre - Cold Rain, No Statik - Male Gaze, Apogee Sound Club - Defiance, Index - I Tried To Deal, True Mutants - Morning, Hunting Party - Pleasure Island, Violent Change - Kill Your Mother
Side B: Permantent Ruin - Legacy/Vendido, C'est Dommage - The Transitory Nature of Modern Employment, Cold Circuits - Remote User, Saint Lorena - Filth Queen, Daikon - Carry Me Home, Replica - Strings, Endemics - Sutures, New Flesh - Kneel and Prey, Huff Stuff Magazine - Yesterdays News, Nasty Christmas - Broken Road

out of print

FIC-0.006 Various - "Fullyintercoastal" cassette
One song from each of the five current Fullyintercoastal bands plus the C'mel version of "Where Now", none of which appear on any of the records. It only costs a buck if you are ordering other records/cassettes or $4 seperately. Or you could download it for free at the fullyintercoastal bandcamp page.

Track listing
Side A: c'est dommage - "Where Now?", Daikon - "Bleeding Heaven", Apogee Sound Club - "Society of the Spectacle", Fantastic Fiugures - "Leave the Lights Left On"
Side B: Rad Cloud - "Fuck'd Up Truck", The C'mel - "Where Now?"

out of print

FIC-0.005 PINE AWAY - "Slanted Doors" cassette
PINE AWAY starts to really find their own sound on what was to be their last release before changes made them C'EST DOMMAGE. A three song tape that's a little less pop and a little more angry but still catchy. Two mid-tempo songs and one quick one. Their best songs to date.

Track listing
Side A and B: This is a Transfer Point, Oh Shit Man, I'm Totally Fucking Sorry, Slanted Doors

out of print

FIC-0.004 FANTASTIC FIGURES - "The Embarkation" cassette
Four low-fi pop songs by Pete from PINE AWAY. Stuff that wasn't right for the band (too many guitar parts, too much reverb, who knows?) so he just did his own full band versions of them. Recorded in various bedrooms and kitchens of California. A very limited first run of one sided cassettes was quickly disposed of.

Track listing
Side A: Le Cheval, Portland, Winter (and I wish it were raining), Walking the Talk, The Embarkation of the Expelled Moriscos

out of print

pine away the barefoot feel

FIC-0.003 PINE AWAY - "The Barefoot Feel" cassette
Four songs, a bit more up-tempo, Andy Malcolm of Collective Zine says, "Van Pelt meets Superchunk. Or something."

Track listing:
Side A: Well, I Do Lots of Things, The Barefoot Feel
Side B: Life in that Other Way, A Precarious Grasp

out of print

pine away s/t
FIC-0.002 PINE AWAY - self titled cassette
The first recording, seven songs, MRR says, "This is as close to ‘80s college rock (early REM, GUADALCANAL DIARY) as it is to the ‘90s emo pop punk from their home town of San Francisco (J CHURCH, JAWBREAKER)."

Track listing:
Side A: The Episode of the American and the Horse, Wood Pigeons, Cartography,
It's a Coming of Age Film About Three Teens Who...
Side B: The Peniel Wolves, A Lecture in Light, Shallow Seas

out of print