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Links to People and Places
that we here at fullyintercoastal like
Fullyintercoastal - bandcamp - for full streaming of most Fullyintercoastal releases
Fullyintercoastal - facebook - for updates on shows and whatnot


Apogee Sound Club - soundcloud page - for listening to songs
Apogee Sound Club - facebook - they are really good at keeping this up
c'est dommage - bandcamp page - for listening
c'est dommage - blog - for what's up
Daikon - bandcamp - for listening
Daikon - facebook - for other stuff
Fantastic Figures - bandcamp page - for listening
Pine Away - bandcamp page - for listening to songs
Pine Away - blog -for vaguely up-to-date info
Rad Cloud - myspace - for listening to songs
Rad Cloud - facebook - for cute pictures of Bob and up-to-date info


Revolver USA/Midheaven - Wholesale and retail
No Idea Records - Wholesale and retail
Ebulition - Wholesale and retail
Interpunk - retail

Time As A Color (Germany) - Distro that has all the fullyintercoastal vinyl releases
Bis Aufs Messer (Germany) - Record storer and distro that has all fullyintercoastal vinyl releases
sncl (UK) - Distro, they have the c'est dommage LP


Atomic Garden - recording studio - Jack is a great guy. He recorded/mixed/mastered the c'est dommage record.
House of Faith - recording studio - Bart is also a great guy. He recorded the Pine Away record that never came out but sounded good.
Mission Mini Comix - They did the insert for the Apogee 7".


Jameson Swanagon - Jameson plays on a bunch of Rad Cloud songs, here you can see his solo work
Charles Gonzalez - recording engineer/songwriter, he recorded and played bass on the Rad Cloud full-lenght records